Why do we use essential oils in our wellness protocols?

That is a great question.

First, let's look at what essential oils are. Essential oils are naturally occuring volatile aromatic compounds. They are found in the bark, root, petals, stems,  seeds and leaves of plants. When chosen for purity and potency (brand absolutely matters), essential oils should be looked at similarily to dietary supplements. When you use a supplement, you are giving your body the nutrients it needs to function properly, and while essential oils do not contain nutrients per se, they do contain chemical constituents that are powerful and health promoting. Scientific research now shows that routine and deliberate essential oil use can increase and sustain health benefits.

We use essential oils in health protocols because they are affordable and easy to use. With a price tag of only pennies per drop, the question really should be, why not use essential oils. They are an excellent first line of support when it comes to your health and one tool every household should have in their wellness box. 

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