Hiya! I'm Natalie

A holistic nutritionist and essential oil specialist

My mission is to help women live their best lives. I draw inspiration from the late Maya Angelou when I say, I want women to thrive, and not just survive their day-to-day. I want them to feel vibrant, energetic, and ALIVE!

I do this through the power of natural solutions. We start by choosing the purest and most potent essential oils and combine them with healthy habits and good nutrition. This is the perfect combination for overall wellness. 

Ladies, you are the gatekeepes and caretakers of your homes. When you are thriving, everyone around you does too.

I am your guide on this journey! I will heIp you set small, attainable goals that over time have massive impact. We start by picking the perfect starter bundle of oils and connecting on Zoom to lay out your 30, 60, 90 day goals.  I will share my personal strategies to live a happy & healthy lifestyle. You're in the right hands!

Want to start thriving?? Let's chat!

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